What is NetLib?

NetLib is a development network in Liberia, started from the Netherland. I set up this network to help with developments and to advance social, economic and political affairs.

Our team is passionate about helping everyone and committed to political and social affairs in Liberia. We make plans and construction works that help the people there to get a sense of a better future. We help people to better health and good education.

We believe that good education contributes to the fight against poverty in Liberia. Our foundation provides education to young Liberians at the Netlib Vocational Institute in Monrovia. A professional diploma guarantees certainty of a better life in poor Liberia. Help us and adopt a student!

We succeeded in building a hospital with the help of NetLib. For many, this finally means a chance for better health.

A school has also been built. Here young people can follow a training so that they can work on a better future with their diploma.

Get involved!

Together we support the education of former child soldiers in Liberia

In 2005, the ROC van Twente in Almelo was busy replacing the old school furniture when Mr Abdullah Kamara, a cousin of the minister who fled Liberia and now lives in Almelo, saw that a lot was thrown into a large container. He then walked into the school to ask if he could have it. In the country where he came from they could use the things well. His wish had been for a school for some time. There were so many young children who fought as child soldiers and now have to get the knowledge from somewhere to build a somewhat better life and learn a trade.

Mr. Kamara told this at the ROC. There the first ideas started to grow to turn it into a project. René Heupink and Bé van Faassen indicated that they would like to take on this. Since then plans have been made and contact has been made with NetLib, an organization that supervises several projects in Liberia and other countries, and Safmarine (this organization provides the sea containers to ship all relief supplies to the countries where the projects are). Primarily, the school should be for the children who lived through the recent war as soldiers, many of whom still roam aimlessly today. Within the school of the ROC, the entire school was built together with students and packed in containers as a kit. Together with 3 students from the BOL 4 training of the ROC, René and Bé left in April 2009 to build this school within 3 weeks.